• Detection of Resistance and Cross-resistance to Four ALS-inhibiting Herbicides of Scirpus juncoides Roxb. in Paddy Field in Heilongjiang Province

    Liu Ya-guang;Zhang Zheng-nan;Shi Hui;Zhu Jin-wen;Wu Hui-peng;

    The resistance and cross-resistance of Scirpus juncoides Roxb. to ALS-inhibiting herbicides were tested to provide theoretical basis for effectively control Scirpus juncoides Roxb. and rational use of herbicides. To identify the resistance and crossresistance of 19 populations from nine areas in Heilongjiang Province to four ALS-inhibiting herbicides by agar method and the whole-plant assay. The results are as the followings, the two bioassay methods had good correlation, the resistance indexes in the same area were different by two means, but resistant level was the same, similarity up to 89.5%. The resistant rates to pyrazosulfuronethyl, bensulfuron-methyl, penoxsulam and pyribenzoxim were 26.3%, 36.8%, 36.1% and 21.1%, respectively. Shangzhi populations evolved the highest level of resistance to pyrazosulfuron-methyl with a resistance index of 15.56. Shangzhi, Tonghe, Fangzheng and Jixi populations showed cross-resistance to four ALS-inhibiting herbicides, accounting for 26.3%. The resistance of Scirpus juncoides Roxb. to four ALS-inhibiting herbicides in Heilongjiang paddy field was low to moderate, five populations showed cross-resistance to four ALS-inhibiting herbicides.

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  • Influence of Herbicides on Competition Weed and Glyphosate-resistant Soybean

    Liu Sheng-nan;Ding Wei;

    Competitions of light, nutrient and water between transgenic glyphosate resistant soybean and weed were evaluated with different herbicides(glyphosate, acetochlor, and the mixture of fomesafen and quizalofop-p-ethyl) in filed, which displayed that the application of the mixture of fomesafen and quizalofop-p-ethyl on soybeans had the best anti-herbicidal effect while glyphosate had the weakest effect. The half-life extended by herbicide mixture would affect the soil nutrients. Weed-soybean competitions affected the absorption of nutrients on soybean and yield. However, effective control of weeds could significantly reduce the weed density, improve the field through different layers of light transmittance and the absorption of nutrients on soybean, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of soybean.

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  • Construction of a Three-frame Yeast Two-hybrid cDNA Library of Fusarium oxysporum

    Luan Fei-shi;Li Xiao-mei;Zhu Zi-cheng;Wang Xue-zheng;

    A specialized test of two-hybrid library type three-frame cDNA yeast for Muskmelon Fusarium oxysporum using the switching mechanism at the 5'end of RNA template(SMART)technology was constructed to screen for interaction protein genes for wilt disease and to further research the molecular mechanisms of Fusarium oxysporum pathogenesis to explain the interactions between plant and pathogen.A 500-bp cDNA was purified and extracted using SMART and LD-PCR technology to synthesize ds cDNA and was then homogenized and purified to remove the fragments.After processing,the ds cDNA was connected to three types of reading frame pGADT7-SfiI carriers,and the three connection products in E.coli Electrocell were used to build the primary cDNA library.The titer of three ORF cDNA primary library storage capacities was 2.6×10~6,1.8×10~6 and 3×10~6 cfu;the PCR identification of the ORF 1 and 2 gene recombination rate was 94%,the ORF 3 gene recombination rate was 100%,and the insert length distribution was 0.5-4.0 kb as a single band.To reach the quality requirements for library construction,three kinds of reading frame cDNA primary libraries were mixed and amplified,and the plasmid was transformed into the Y187 yeast strain.The titer of the Y187 yeast library was determined to be 3.5×10~7 cfu·mL~(-1),and the base of the yeast library was approximately 1 600 000 cfu.The results showed that the construction of muskmelon Fusarium-specific two-hybrid library type three-frame cDNA yeast had a higher reservoir capacity and recombination rate and met the yeast two-hybrid screening requirements.

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  • Alleviation of Calcium on Toxicity of Cadmium to Rice Seedlings by Inhibiting Cadmium Accumulation and Relieving Oxidative Damage

    Tang Qi;Zhang Shuo;Li Hua-xin;Zhang Chang-bo;Liu Zhong-qi;

    Accumulation characteristics and antioxidant enzyme activities in rice seedlings from a high-cadmium(Cd)-accumulating cultivar Tyou705(705)and low-Cd-accumulating cultivar Xiangzao 24(X24)were studied,based on hydroponic experiment.Three levels of calcium(Ca)(0,1.0 and 2.0 mmol·L~(-1))and two levels of Cd(0 and 2.7μmol·L~(-1))were designed in this study.Experimental results showed that the tolerance of rice seedlings to Cd stress was significantly improved by adding 1.0 or 2.0 mmol·L~(-1)Ca.Comparing with Cd control,adding 1.0 mmol·L~(-1) Ca made the seedling biomass of 705 and X24 increased by 68.9%and116.2%,respectively.Addition of 2.0 mmol·L~(-1) Ca was more effective than that of 1.0 mmol·L~(-1) Ca in promoting rice biomass,root tip number,total root length,and total root surface area.After addition of 2.0 mmol·L~(-1) Ca and Cd contents in roots and shoots of 705 decreased by 23.5%and 35.2%,Cd in roots and shoots of X24 decreased by 22.2%and 18.7%,respectively.Addition of Ca significantly promoted the accumulation of Mg,K and Zn in shoots and roots of X24 under Cd stress environment and eliminated the inhibitory effect of Cd on the uptake of these elements.Both 1.0 and 2.0 mmol·L~(-1) Ca significantly decreased the activities of superoxide dismutase(SOD)and peroxidase(POD)in rice seedlings under Cd stress.These results indicated that 1.0-2.0 mmol·L~(-1 )Ca could significantly reduce Cd content in rice roots and shoots,promote the uptake and accumulation of essential elements and alleviate the oxidative damage caused by Cd stress in rice seedlings.

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  • Expression of Prominin-1 in Mouse Uterus During Peri-implantation

    Zhang Yun;Cui Yun-feng;Ren Jie;Wu Hao;Ni Hua;

    To investigate the expression of Prominin-1(Prom-1) in mouse uterus during peri-implantation. In situ hybridization and immunohistochemical staining were used to detect the mRNA and protein expression level of Prom-1 in mice uterus in early pregnancy, pseudopregnancy, estrous cycle, treated with hormone, delayed implantation and activation models. The results showed that Prom-1 was gradually weakened in uterine luminal epithelium(LE) and glandular epithelium(GE) during days 1-4 of pregnancy.During days 5-8, Prom-1 was strongly expressed in GE, and signal of Prom-1 protein was detected in matrix and decidua around the embryo. Similar to pregnancy, Prom-1 was strongly expressed in LE and GE on the 1 st day and weakly expressed on the 4 th day of pseudopregnancy. In addition, Prom-1 was highly expressed in LE and GE on estrus. Expression of Prom-1 was observed in the LE and the GE of delayed-implantation uterus. In activated-implantation animal model, Prom-1 was strongly expressed in the GE. In the hormone-treated model, Prom-1 expression levels were higher in the uterus of the 17β-estradiol-treated group than those in the control group. These results indicated that Prom-1 might promote the proliferation of mouse endometrial epithelium and participate in the establishment of uterine receptivity. Meanwhile, the expression of Prom-1 was up-regulated by the 17β-estradiol, indicating that Prom-1 might involve in the process of decidua development regulated by uterine glands, and Prom-1 might play an important role in mice early pregnancy.

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  • Generation of Monoclonal Antibody to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus GP4 Protein and Identification of Its Minic Epitopes

    Liu Peng;Yuan Qing;Li Wei-qun;Yin Xue-ting;Ghulam Abbas;Li Peng-chong;Zhang Chao-fan;Huang Xiao-dan;Zhang Rui-li;Li Guang-xing;

    Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus(PRRSV) GP4 protein was prokaryotically expressed, and used as an antigen to immunize six-week-old BALB/c female mice. With conventional cell fusion method, an anti-PRRSV GP4 protein monoclonal antibody(Mab) 5F12 was successfully prepared. It was identified as IgG2b subclass and had better stability and specificity, which not only responded with recombinant PRRSV GP4 protein, but also with PRRSV. Phage display technique had varieties of applications, in particular, the identification of key antigen epitopes for the development of therapeutic and diagnostic reagents and vaccines. In this study, Mab-5F12 was used as the target for biopanning a 12-mer phage random peptide library. After four rounds of biopanning, two phage-displayed peptides, named P-A and P-G(AKFEVCSPVVLG and GVNQENMLHFSF) were identified that recognized Mab-5F12 specifically. Sequence analysis showed that one or more of the peptides exhibited partial sequence similarity to the native GP4 protein sequence, which corresponded to 69-80 and 84-95 aa segments of the HP-PRRSV GP4 protein. Furthermore, real-time quantitative RT-PCR and indirect immunofluorescence assay indicated consistently the abilities of P-A and P-G to block viral infection in Marc-145 cells and they could function as antiviral agents for PRRSV.

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  • Design and Kinematic Analysis of a Driving Roller-type No-till Seeding and Hole-forming System

    Liu Hong-xin;Gai Guang-wei;Su Hang;Wang Deng-yu;

    Conventional no-till seeders should cut or remove crop straw and residue, when in operation and thus present a number of problems, including high performance requirements for the cutting component, high power consumption, dust raising and interference from intertwined straw. In view of this, in this study, a driving roller dibbling-type no-till seeding and hole-forming(DGR-NT-SHF)system was designed to be capable of penetrating soil and creating holes without requiring any special preparation of the surface covering. The core mechanism of this system consisted of a land wheel-driven driving roller and a duckbill-type roller seeder, which were internally tangent to one another. The rotating roller rolled the straw into a thin layer, and the duckbills extended from the roller and penetrated this thin layer of straw and subsequently formed the holes and planted the seeds. Based on kinematic analysis, a mathematical model was established to depict the relations between the rear angle of the duckbill(α), the front angle of the duckbill(β), the angular velocity of the duckbill-type roller seeder(ω_0), the angular velocity of the roller(ω_1), and the aperture of the duckbill outlet on the roller(θ). In contrast to a driven roller-type no-till seeding and hole-forming DNR-NT-SHF system, several parameters of the DGR-NT-SHF system were established for planting seeds at a plant spacing that was an integral multiple of 100 mm: the radius of the duckbill-type roller seeder, 200 mm; radius of the roller, 400 mm; α, 23°; and β, 5°. Based on the analysis of the models using the MATLAB Image Processing Module with a relation between ω_1 and the number of outlets on the roller as the constraint, the optimal number of outlets on the roller and the ω_1/ω_0 ratio were determined to be 21 and 4/7, respectively. Kinematic simulation on a digital prototype was performed using computer aided three-dimensional interactive application(CATIA) to observe the motion of the DGR-NT-SHF system, when the duckbills on the duckbill-type roller seeder were open and to determine the locations of the duckbills relative to the outlets. To ensure the duckbills could be successfully opened, the chord length of the outlets was ultimately determined to be 71 mm. The prototype test results showed that the DGR-NT-SHF system met the design requirements and that the operation was straightforward and reliable. In addition, compared to the DNR-NT-SHF system, the DGR-NT-SHF system performed better in penetration and exerted no impact on the duckbills, thus providing an effective technical option for no-till seeding.

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  • A Prediction Mode of Crop Canopy Nitrogen Hyperspectral Under Mode of "Cornfield Goose Breeding"

    Wang Shu-wen;Ma Xin-yu;Guo Chun-fei;Guo Yong-gang;Zhang Yan;Zhao Zhong-yuan;Wang Chao-fan;Chen Xiao-liang;Liu Jun;Li Rui-xuan;Li Si-jia;Xu kun;Gao Jia-ying;Wang Run-tao;

    The corn canopy taking in before and after grazing term in the production mode of"cornfield goose"was used as the research object.Hyperspectral techniques were used to analyze the spectral characteristics of corn canopy leaves in different periods,and a full-band based Principal Component Regression model,Partial Least Squares Regression model and Support Vector Machine regression model were established to propose a fast,convenient and efficient hyperspectral imaging detection technique.The results showed that the nitrogen value of the grazing area was always lower than that of the control area,during the grazing period,the reflectance of the near-infrared spectrum increased,and the red edge position moved to the left.In terms of model establishment,the optimal model was obtained for different grazing periods.The positive set determining coefficient(R_c~2),the root-mean-square error correction(RMSEC),the prediction set decision coefficient(R_p~2)and the root-mean-square error prediction(RMSEP)were obtained by using SNV-BICA-PCA-PLS in the pre-grazing period.Their values were 0.9136,0.1750,0.8910 and 0.1052,respectively.The values of R_c~2,RMSEC,R_p~2 and RMSEP were 0.9006,0.0418,0.8508 and 0.1233,respectively,when they were obtained by using MSC-BICA-PCA-MSC in the post-grazing period.The research results provided support and help for the future"agriculture and animal husbandry integration"to optimize production management and establish a nitrogen nutrient balance model.

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  • Research and Application of Distributed Data Mining Method for Improving Rural Power Grid Enterprises in Production and Operation Status Evaluation

    Gao Xiu-yun;Xiang Wen;Fang Jun-long;

    With the reform of rural network enterprise system, the speed of transfer property rights in rural power enterprises is accelerated. The evaluation of the operation and development status of rural power enterprises is directly related to the future development and investment direction of rural power enterprises. At present, the evaluation of the production and operation of rural network enterprises and the development status of power network only relies on the experience of the evaluation personnel, sets the reference index, and forms the evaluation results through artificial scoring. Due to the strong subjective consciousness of the evaluation results, the practical guiding significance is weak. Therefore, distributed data mining method in rural power enterprises status evaluation was proposed which had been applied in many fields, such as food science, economy or chemical industry. The distributed mathematical model was established by using principal component analysis(PCA) and regression analysis. By screening various technical indicators and determining their relevance, the reference value of evaluation results was improved. Combined with statistical program for social sciences(SPSS) data analysis software, the operation status of rural network enterprises was evaluated, and the rationality, effectiveness and economy of the evaluation was verified through comparison with current evaluation results and calculation examples of actual grid operation data.

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  • Journal of Northeast Agricultural University (English Edition) Instruction to Authors

    <正>Aims and Scope Journal of Northeast Agricultural University(English Edition) is a comprehensive academic journal on agricultural sciences sponsored by Northeast Agricultural University and distributed worldwide. It is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly and mainly publishes review and research articles that reflect the latest achievements on crop science, horticulture, plant protection, resource and

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