• Photosynthetic Characteristics of Clerodendrum trichotomum Thumb. Responses to Drought, Salt and Water-logging Stresses

    Xie Fu-chun;Wang Hua-tian;Qin Dong;

    In order to reveal the photosynthetic characteristics of C.trichotomum responses to drought,salt and water-logging stresses,one-year-old potted seedlings were taken as materials,and the several stresses including natural drought,submergence stress,water-logging and different salt treatments(0.2%,0.4%,0.6%and 0.8%Na Cl)were carried out on August 15,2012.The morphological and photosynthetic characteristics were observed and determined.The results showed that adverse enviromental stress had a significant effect on the morphological changes and photosynthetic characteristics of C.trichotomum.On the 14th day after natural drought,the leaves wilted and could not recovery at night,and 60%of the seedlings could recover after re-watering.From the7th day to the 10th day after submergence stress treatment,the 2nd and the 3rd leaves at the base of 60%seedling turned yellow and the lenticels were observed.At the early stage of water-logging stress,white lenticels appeared at the base of seedlings,and the leaves wilted,chlorina and fallen off on the 8th day.A large number of leaves fallen off under 0.6%Na Cl or more salt stress,and even the whole plant died.The chlorophyll content,net photosynthetic rate(Pn)and transpiration rate(Tr)decreased gradually with the stress process,such as 8 days after natural drought,less than 0.4%salt stress and water-logging stress,but the changes were not significant compared with those of the control.With the increase of the stress intensity and the prolonged time,the changes of photosynthetic index were significant.All the results indicated that C.trichotomum had a certain degree of tolerance to drought,water and salt,but it was not suitable for living in water-logging condition for a long time.

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  • Combination of Piper guineense Essential Oil with Cowpea Varietal Resistance in Control of Cowpea Seed Beetle, Callosobruchus maculatus Fabricius(Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae)

    Samuel Adelani Babarinde;Ebenezer Oluwaseun Esan;Olagoke Zacchaeus Olatunde;David Seye Ajayi;Jesusegun Paul Olaniyi;

    To reduce the risks associated with over-dependence on synthetic insecticides and ensure leguminous food security,an experiment was conducted to evaluate the potentials of integrating Piper guineense essential oil(Pg EO)with cowpea varietal resistance in the control of cowpea seed beetle,Callosobruchus maculatus Fabricius.Four cowpea varieties(Sokoto,Drum,Oloyin and Gwallam)were studied.Data collected included oviposition,progeny emergence,Reproductive Efficiency(RE)and Percentage Seed Damage(PSD).At first filial generation,numbers of eggs laid on Oloyin variety treated with 25μL Pg EO per 25 g cowpea seeds(2.15)were significantly(p<0.05)lower than the values obtained in untreated cowpea(3.61)and hexane-treated seeds(3.07).C.maculatus RE on Oloyin(33.73)was significantly(p<0.05)lower than values obtained on other varieties(47.34-54.67)for seeds without Pg EO;and were significantly greater than 0.00 observed on Oloyin seeds treated with 50μL PgE O.PSD on Oloyin(6.63%)was significantly(p<0.05)lower than the values obtained on Sokoto(10.04%)and Drum(9.79%)for seeds without Pg EO,while there was no damage in Oloyin treated with 50μL Pg EO.Significantly(p<0.05)lower F2 progeny emergence occurred on Oloyin(4.02)and Sokoto(4.71)compared with Drum(9.03)and Gwallam(6.07)from the untreated cowpea seeds.The results implied that application of PgE O to Oloyin gave better protection from infestation of C.maculatus than other varieties.Hence,combination of varietal resistance with PgE O for management of bruchid could be an effective mean of improving cowpea food security.

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  • Liming and Fertilizer Potentials of Some Underutilized Plant Materials in Southwestern Nigeria

    Oyeyiola Yetunde Bunmi;Ewetola Esther Abosede;Olatunji Olayinka Olakunle;Ayanleke Abraham;

    Soil acidification and phosphorus deficiency are a major constraint to crop production in tropical soils.Use of conventional liming materials is associated with some limitations viz:inability to solely improve nitrogen and available phosphorus in soils,loss of soil organic carbon and soil aggregate stability.Liming and fertilizer potentials of leaves from three plant materials(Tithonia diversifolia(TL),Imperata cylindrica(SG)and Gliricidia sepium(GL))widely growing in Ogbomoso,southwest Nigeria,were tested under incubation condition.Each of the plant material was applied at the rate of 10 t·hm~(-2) with and without 50%concentration of NPK 15:15:15-urea mix in 500 g acidic soil.Sole lime applied at 1 t·hm~(-2),sole NPK 15:15:15 applied at 60 kg·hm~(-2) mixed with urea at 60 kg N·hm~(-2) and an unamended soil were compared in completely randomized design in three replicates.The treated soils were incubated for 12 weeks.Thereafter,maize seeds were raised in each pot for a period of 3 weeks.Data collected were subjected to analysis of variance.Regression analysis was used to predict contributions of increased soil p H in plant material treated soils to exchangeable Al,H,dry root weight of maize and available phosphorus.Results indicated that sole plant materials were the order SG>TL>GL significantly(p<0.05)reduced exchangeable acidity compared to unamended and sole NPK.Sole NPK had the highest exchangeable acidity(4.7 cmol·kg~(-1))compared to unamended soil(3.3 cmol·kg~(-1))and sole lime(2.7 cmol·kg~(-1)).Application of sole Tithonia diversifolia increased available phosphorus by 214%and 97%compared to unamended and sole NPK treated soils respectively.Sole plant materials increased maize root weight by 33%compared to sole NPK.Increasing soil p H at harvesting in plant material treated soils significantly reduced exchangeable H and A_1.Soil p H was responsible for up to 33%and 53%reductions in exchangeable Al and H,respectively.This culminated into up to 22%increases in dry root weight of maize seedling.Present results showed ability of the plant materials tested to ameliorate soil acidity and improved soil available phosphorus.The plant materials should be explored for using as green manure and composting feedstock.It will go a long way to reduce high dosage use of conventional liming and fertilizer materials on acidic nutrient degraded soils.

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  • Efficacy of Botanical Insecticides in Control of Flea Beetle(Phyllotreta cruciferae) on Cabbage(Brassica oleracea Linn) on Field

    Odewole Adeola Foluke;Babarinde Samuel Adelani;Adebayo Timothy Abiodun;Ojo Ayomide Roseline;

    An investigation of effect of Latana camara,Tephrosia vogelii and Zingiber officinale applied at 5%,10%and 25%concentrations on flea beetle of cabbage was conducted on the Teaching and Research Farm of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomoso in the early seasons of 2011 and 2012.The experiment consisted of 11 treatments laid in a Randomized Complete Block Design(RCBD)with three replications.Data were subjected to analysis of variance and significant means were compared using the Least Significant Difference(LSD)at p<0.05.All the tested plant extracts exhibited moderate efficacy in the control of flea beetle.The treatment plant extracts performed as well as synthetic insecticides(0.76±0.05 and 0.76±0.05,respectively).It was discovered that 25%w/v of Z.officinale gave the best yield of 0.50 kg·hm~(-2).The result showed that extract of T.vogelii(0.71±0.00)and L.camara(0.96±0.23)could suppress flea beetle population at different hours of spraying,while Z.officinale showed an effect at 48 HAS(0.71±0.00)and 72 HAS(0.76±0.05)after spraying.

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  • Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of Trifolium Rhizobia Isolated from Temperate and Subtropical Regions of China

    Wu Xing-yue;Gao Jun;Wang Le;Wang Bei-nan;Yao Hong-li;Liu Zhen-yu;Yang Hai-peng;Liu Zhong-kuan;Liang Zi-teng;Wang Fang;Liu Xiao-yun;

    The clovers that comprise Trifolium genus are naturalized in the subtropical and tropical zones in China. They are valuable bioresources as important green manures and pasture grass, which contribute biologically fixed dinitrogen (N_2) and provide nutrition to farming systems. However, there are very few effective strains available for inoculant production and there is little information available about symbiotic rhizobia in Chinese legume clover root nodules. In this study, 139 root nodule bacteria were isolated from two clover species (Trifolium repens and Trifolium pretense) growing in the subtropical and temperate regions of China, 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, BOX-PCR, whole cell protein SDS-PAGE, and nodulation tests were performed to characterize these strains.The results showed that phenotypic and genetic diversities among 139 isolates were large, with 83 protein patterns and 66 BOXAIR profiles, respectively. The rhizobial strains were first divided into two large phenotypic protein groups. The sequencing strains representing the two groups were related to Rhizobium leguminosarum USDA2370~T and R. sophorae CCBAU03386~T and had 99.6%-100% similarities. The phylogeny specificity of the rhizobia from clover was elucidated, while showed a large variation in the fingerprints of the phenotypes and genotypes and genetic diversity was high (revealed by Shannon diversity index, H'). The rhizobial isolates from subtropical regions, such as Anhui Province, Yunnan Province and Hubei Province, had higher diversities than those from temperate areas, such as Hebei Province and Shanxi Province, which could be used to identify rhizobial strains from clover and screen efficient inoculum strains. A number of diverse rhizobial strains had been identified and a pool of currently available clover rhizobial strains were increased. This would ultimately increase the likelihood of identifying more efficient strains suited for developing a successful inoculation strategy for the production of white clover.

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  • Application of Box-Behnken Design for Optimization of Different Pretreatment Conditions for Cellulase Production

    Sidra Iqbal;Muhammad Irfan;Fouzia Tabassum;Hafiz Abdullah Shakir;Javed Iqbal Qazi;

    Effects of dilute acid and acid steam pretreatments were inspected for cellulose production of Eucalyptus leaves through Box-Behenken design,a three variable factors for response surface methodology by Bacillus subtilus K~(-1)8.Maximum cellulose production performed in 250 mL erlenmeyer flask with submerged fermentation attained at 50℃,p H 5,140 r·min~(-1) for 24 h.Results showed the efficient cellulose production from acid steam pretreatment(being autoclaved at 15 Psi for 15 min)than acid pretreatment.The optimum condition for maximum carboxymethyl cellulas(CMCase)was 1.811 IU·mL~(-1)·min~(-1)(0.8%acid conc.,10 g biomass loading,6 h reaction time)and filter paper activity(FPase)was 2.255 IU·mL~(-1)·min~(-1)(1%acid conc.,10 g biomass loading,8 h reaction time).Whereas,the acid steam maximum CMCase activity recorded was 2.585 IU·mL~(-1)·min~(-1)(0.8%acid conc.,15 g substrate loading and 8 h reaction time)and the highest FPase activity was 2.055 IU·mL~(-1)·min~(-1)(0.8%conc.,10 g biomass,6 h reaction time then autoclaved).Results revealed that acid pretreated Eucalyptus leaves were better lignocellulosic biomass for cellulose production by submerged fermentation.

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  • Growth and Biochmical Studies of Mrigal Fish(Cirrhinus mrigala) Fed Graded Levels of Oil

    Aderolu Ademola Zaid;Sahu Narrotam Prasad;Fawole Femi John;Nwachi Oster Francis;

    A 45-day experiment was carried out to evaluate the growth performance,digestive enzymes activity and biochemical response of Cirrhinus mrigala fed graded levels of oil.Three isonitrogenous purified diets(6%,8%and 10%of oil)were formulated.A total of 108 juveniles of Cirrhinus mrigala(5.95±0.25)g were equally distributed in triplicate groups in nine plastic tanks of 100 L capacity and fed under natural light cycle.Growth performance of the fish significantly reflected the effect of inclusion levels of oil tested but the diet with 8%lipid had the best significant growth performance[%weight gain,Feed Conversion Ratio(FCR)and Specific Growth Rate(SGR)],across different experimental groups.Levels of secretion of digestive enzymes in the fish fed different experimental diets resulted in significant values of(p<0.05)amylase and lipase,while Aspartate transaminase(AST),Alanine transaminase(ALT),Lactate dehydrogenase(LDH)and Malate dehydrogenase(MDH)values in the muscle and liver decreased significantly(p<0.05)as the levels of oil in the diet increased.However,serum biochemical parameters did not record any significant difference(p>0.05)with the exception of the total lipid across diets.The study confirmed the inclusion effect of graded levels of oil in juvenile Mrigal diet,but the inclusion should not be more than 8%to avert growth depression.

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  • Identification of Toll-like Receptor(TLR) 4 Gene in Wild Boar

    Du Xin;Zhuo Jian-shu;Jing Xiao-yan;Wang Chao;Liu Ying-zi;Yang Xiu-qin;

    Toll-like receptor(TLR)4 plays an important role in the innate immune system and has been involved in resistance/susceptibility to a number of diseases as revealed by studies in human and other domestic animals.Wild boar survives in natural environment without artificial interference and may be different from domestic pig in innate immune system.Here,the complete coding sequence of TLR4 and TLR4A was cloned in wild boar,and two other alternative splicing variants,TLR4B and TLR4C,were obtained.Compared to the counterpart from domestic pig(Gen Bank No.AJ628065),there were five SNPs,c.510T>C,c.960A>G,c.962A>G,c.1605T>G and c.1824A>G,in the coding sequence of wild boar TLR4A gene.TLR4 gene was expressed in all the tissues from wild boar studied with the most abundance in spleen tissue,and m RNA level was significantly lower in spleen from wild boar than that from Min pig.The allele distribution was significantly different at polymorphic loci c.962G>A and c.1027C>A(p<0.01)between wild boar and Min pig.The results would contribute to understand the innate immune system in wild boar.

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  • Influence of Gossypol on Ultrastructure and mRNA Expression of Bax and Bcl-2 in Mice Testis

    Zhao Shu-chen;Yuan Yan-bo;Hou Zhen-zhong;Liu Ke-xiang;

    The objective was to evaluate the toxicity effect of gossypol on ultrastructure of mouse testis and the expression of Bax mRNA and Bcl-2 mRNA of sperm cells in mice.Forty-eight male mice were randomly divided into four groups:control group,L-group(30 mg·kg~(-1)·d),M-group(60 mg·kg~(-1)·d)and H-group(120 mg·kg~(-1)·d)and were orally administrated with gossypol diluted by sodium carboxymethyl cellulose(SCC)or SCC(control group)for 20 days.On the 21st day,all the mice were killed and ultrastructure changes of testis were observed by TEM.mRNA expression of Bax and Bcl-2 in testis was measured by semiquantitative RT-PCR.The results showed that the testicular ultrastructure in three treated groups was gradually damaged,according to the dosage of gossypol and cellular structure disordered and organelle degenerated,manifesting vacuolation of mitochondria,expansion of endoplasmic reticulum.mRNA expression of Bcl-2 in testis significantly increased(p<0.05)in L-group and then significantly decreased(p<0.05,p<0.01)in M-group and H-group compared with that in the control group;mRNA expression of Bcl-2 in M-group and H-group significantly decreased(p<0.05,p<0.01)than that in L-group and Bcl-2 mRNA expression in H-group showed a significant decrease(p<0.05)compared with that in M-group.On the other hand,mRNA expression of Bax significant increased(p<0.05,p<0.01)in M-group and H-group than that in the control group.The ratio of Bcl-2/Bax significantly reduced(p<0.05,p<0.01)in the treated group than that in the control group and was found to be an obvious dose-dependent.It demonstrated that the gossypol could induce the changes on ultrastructure of mice testis,down-regulate mRNA expression of Bcl-2 and up-regulate mRNA expression of Bax,which indicated that sperm cells were induced apoptosis.

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  • Effects of Weaning on Immunity and Nutrition in Piglets

    Jin San-jun;Dong Jia-qi;Wang Li-jun;Gao Peng-hui;Diao Xin-ping;

    The number of birth per year was an important indicator of the sow's productivity and it was related to the duration of breastfeeding.Weaning had been shown to be a stressful period.The weaning age had declined over time in order to increase sow productivity and the fact that weaning under modern-day commercial conditions inflicted stress(environmental,nutritional and psychological/social)on pigs and associated with marked changes in gastrointestinal tract(GIT)physiology,microbiology and immunology.However,the early weaning resulted in post-weaning diarrhea,mainly related to intestinal dysbiosis during this rapid adaptation to the new diet.The environment and feed had influence on physiology,gut morphology,immune system and diseases of weaned piglets.

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  • A Review of Aquaculture Production in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects

    Ekelemu Jerimoth;Kesena Irabor;Arnold Ebuka;

    Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world,with an estimated population about 150 million people.Its citizens as at the end of 2012 have a projected fish demand of 2.66 million tonnes of fish.Fish supply within the said period was 1.32 million tonnes.This figure was made up of 0.7 million tonnes from importation and 0.62 million tonnes from both artisanal and aquaculture.Of the local production aquaculture contributes only 200 000 tonnes.Studies have shown that fish catch from the wild has reached its maximum production limit and production from this area is currently on the decline.Nigeria has about 1.75 hm~2 of suitable sites for aquaculture development.Aquaculture production for 2012 was a meager 200 000 tonnes.Aquaculture though a veritable means is faced with a lot of constraints ranging from government's wrong focus on industrial fisheries instead of aquaculture,poor policy formulation and non-implementation fisheries development programmes among others.In spite of these constraints,there were also the following aquaculture investment opportunities such as production of fishing equipment,establishment of modern fish farms,shrimp fishing,fingerling production,table size fish production,brood stock production,fish feed production,ornamental fish farming,production system design and construction,capacity building in project management,packaging and branding.

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  • Journal of Northeast Agricultural University(English Edition)

    <正>Instruction to Authors Aims and Scope Journal of Northeast Agricultural University(English Edition)is a comprehensive academic journal on agricultural sciences sponsored by Northeast Agricultural University and distributed worldwide.It is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly and mainly publishes review and research articles that reflect the latest achievements on crop science,horticulture,plant protection,resource and environment,animal science,veterinary medicine,agricultural engineering and technology,agricultural water conservancy,life science,biotechnology and food science.

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