• Effects of Convolvulus arvensis Water Extract on Germination of Okra Under Different Seed Sizes

    Abid Hussain Khoso;Ghulam Mustafa Laghari;Aziz Ahmed Laghari;Ali Muhammad Bozdar;Asif Ali Kaleri;Nasir Ali;

    Convolvulus arvensis is a toxic allelopathic weed that suppresses germination and growth of crops.The prime object of present study was to investigate effect of Convolvulus arvensis water extract on germination and performance of okra with different seed sizes.The seeds of okra variety pusa green were separated into three different sizes,viz large size(4.00-5.00 mm),medium size(3.00-3.50 mm)and small size(2.00-3.50 mm),and then soaked in allelopathic plant bindweed water extract and kept in patrisdishes for germination into the germinator at 15℃.The experiment was laid out using Complete Randomized Design(CRD)with three replications.The results showed that after sowing of 12 days the highest germination was observed in non-treated seeds as compared to seeds treated in Convolvulus arvensis water extract for 1 h,further non-treated large seeds produced maximum plants as compared to treated small seeds after sowing of 24 days.Meanwhile,root length,shoot length,root fresh and dry weight,shoot fresh and dry weight were recorded higher in non-treated large seeds as compared to small seeds soaked for 1 h in Convolvulus arvensis allelopthic water extract.It could be found that Convolvulus arvensis affected germination,seed growth and overall performance of okra,further presence Convolvulus arvensis in crops could cause negative impact on germination and integrity of okra crops.

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  • Nutritional Components of Groundnut Seed Varieties and Their Damage by Khapra Beetle,Trogoderma granarium Everts

    Musa A K;Kalejaiye D M;

    A laboratory experiment was carried out to determine the response of six groundnut varieties to infestation by larvae of Trogoderma granarium Everts(Coleoptera:Dermestidae)and their nutritional constituents.The improved groundnut varieties used included SAMNUT 10,RMP-91,SAMNUT 19,SAMNUT 23,EX-DAKAR and RRB.The crude fat content varied significantly among the varieties from 32.7%to 53.1%in EX-DAKAR and RRB,respectively.The seed varieties were not signifi cantly different in crude protein,ash and moisture content.The moisture content ranged between 6.6%and 8.9%in EX-DAKAR and SAMNUT 19varieties,respectively.The crude protein content ranged between 19.7%and 31.3%in SAMNUT 19 and EX-DAKAR,respectively.The ash content varied between 3.0%and 7.4%in RRB and RMP-91 varieties,respectively.The results showed that the seeds were attacked by the 4th instar larvae of T.granarium as indicated by percentage seed weight damage,seed weight loss and dust production.SAMNUT 10 variety had the least seed damage of 33.1%,41.4%and 43.7%in 1 month,2 and 3 months post-infestation.In view of the damage,it was evident that SAMNUT 10 variety had the least percent seed damage and loss suggesting the possible inclusion of the variety in breeding programme against the insect pest.

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  • Effect of Different Indole-3-Buteric Acid(IBA) Concentrations and Cutting Types on Plane Trees(Platanus orientalis L.)

    Muhammad Razaq;Hasnain Alam;Muhammad Irshad;Salahuddin;

    Effects of different Indole-3-Buteric Acid(IBA)concentrations(0,1 000,1 500 and 2 500 ppm)and cutting types(soft wood,semi hard and hard wood)of plane tree were investigated with Randomized Complete Block Design(RCBD)at the Agricultural research station,Charsadda.The maximum survival percentage,plant height(cm),root length(cm),numbers of roots and root weight per cutting were signifi cantly higher in hard wood cuttings.IBA concentration had no speculative effect on plane tree cuttings.Thus,hard wood cutting was the best choice for plan tree propagation.

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  • Response of Soybean(Glycine max) to Different Sources and Levels of Phosphours Fertilization

    Owoade Folasade Mary;Adegboyega Adewumi Oluwaponmile;

    Phosphorus is crucial to crop growth and yield because of its multiple effects on plant nutrition.Most tropical soils have low plant available phosphorus and there is the need for external input of P to achieve optimum yield.The response of soybean to different sources and levels of phosphorus fertilization were therefore investigated between August,2013 and January,2014.The treatments consisted of four fertilizer sources[Sokoto Rock Phosphate(SRP),single super phosphate,Di-Ammonium Phosphate(DAP)and control]and fi ve levels of fertilizers(0,15,30,60 and 75 kg P·hm~(-2))fi tted into Randomized Complete Block Design(RCBD)with three replications.Soil samples were collected,processed and analyzed before planting and after harvest.Data on growth(plants height,numbers of leaves,numbers of branches and numbers of flowers)and yield(pod and grain weights)were analyzed using ANOVA and significant means were separated using LSD at 5%probability level.Application of DAP at15 kg P·hm~(-2) and 30 kg P·hm~(-2) produced the highest grain yield and showed signifi cant differences in plant height,numbers of leaves and numbers of branches.SRP should not be recommended for the study area,because there was no signifi cant difference across all the parameters and it was characterized with low grain yield,due to its level of acidity and the mildly acidic nature of the soil.

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  • Effects of Microbial Inoculants on Nutrient Availability and Rice Yield

    Li Song;Sun Tao;Liu Xiao-jie;Xu Jing-gang;

    Under fi eld conditions,an experiment was conducted to study the effects of ammonifi cation bacteria,potassium bacteria and phosphorus bacteria on nutrient availability in soil and yield of rice in the cold region of China and compared to the conventional fertilization.Results showed that DF1P2 treatment(ammonifi ers 1.5×10~8 cfu·m~(-2),phosphorus bacteria 1.5×10~8 cfu·m~(-2),and potassium bacteria 1.5×10~8 cfu·m~(-2))increased available nutrient concentrations in soil,increased the concentrations of N,P,and K in plant organs and increased the rice yield and was the most signifi cantly among all the treatments.This treatment could be recommended as the best suitable biological fertilizer application rate for the rice production in the cold region of China.

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  • New Cutting Technique of Making Collembola Glass Specimens

    Wang Han-nan;Xie Gui-lin;Li Shu-ling;Zhao Kui-jun;Zhou Shao-ting;Lin Qing-zhan;Han Na-na;Wang Li-xiu;Zhao Hong-hao;

    A new technique,involving tool making,clearing,staining,cutting and mounting specimens on slides,was described for studying Collembola taxonomy.It could resolve the problem of observing Collembola glass specimens under standard optical microscopy,because the phase-contrast microscope has not been available for all researchers.A type of micro cutting probe(about1μm in tip diameter)was designed,and it made the cutting method go from two-handed to one-handed,which was a huge step forward in the cutting method of Collembola.The micro cutting probe was custom designed for Collembola using two electric grinders,followed by ferric tannate staining with a stable blue color,mounting in specialized solutions and sealing with a neutral quick-drying gum.We also described a method to make glass capillary extractor and glass capillary brush to make sure a better condition of cleared specimens.

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  • Inhibitory Effects of S-Nitroso-Glutathione on Sporulation Process of Eimeria tenella Oocysts

    Yu Xing-xing;Xing Tao;Zhang Hong-fei;Yao Zheng-xing;Zhou Guang-sheng;Wang Hai-gen;Zhu Ai-jun;

    To study the inhibiting effects of S-Nitroso-Glutathione(GSNO)on sporulation process of Eimeria tenella(E.tenella)oocysts by detecting the sporulation rate,GSNO as nitric oxide donor was used to treat E.tenella oocysts sporulated for different times;Several kinds of antioxidants and oxidants were used to investigate the inhibitory effects of GSNO on sporogony process of E.tenella oocysts.The results showed that GSNO still inhibited the oocysts sporulated 10 h,but had few inhibiting effect on the oocysts sporulated for 14 h;the antioxidants,such as Vitamin C(VC),mannitol and sodium salicylate,could not eliminate the inhibitory effects of GSNO on oocysts;neither did the ferrous sulfate(FeSO_4)nor Dithiothreitol(DTT).However,the oxidants,potassium dichromate(K_2Cr_2O_7)and potassium permanganate(KMnO_4)could obviously repress the effects of GSNO on oocysts.At present,the inhibitory mechanism of GSNO on unsporulated oocysts was still unclear.

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  • Effects of Molasses-Urea Supplementation on Weight Gain,Ruminal Fermentation and Major Microbe Populations of Winter-Grazing Sheep in Inner Mongolia

    Li Chang-qing;Alatengdalai;Xue Shu-yuan;Atsushi Asano;Atsushi Tajima;Naoto Ishikawa;

    The present experiment was conducted to determine the effects of Molasses-Urea Supplementation(MUS)on weight gain,ruminal fermentation and major microbial populations in sheep on a winter grazing regime in Inner Mongolia.Total 40 sheep,allowed free consumption of MUS after grazing,served as a treatment group,while 30 sheep,fed only by pasture grazing,served as a control group.Ruminal fermentation parameters,consisted of p H,Bacterial Crude Protein(BCP)and ammonia nitrogen(NH_3-N)were measured.In addition,numbers of fi ve symbiotic bacteria were investigated.The results showed as follows:the average daily weight gain,concentration of NH_3-N and numbers of protozoa were signifi cantly higher(p<0.05)in the treatment group than those in the control group.Contrastingly,no signifi cant difference was found in BCP concentration and p H between the two groups.At the end of the experiment,the populations of Selenomonas ruminantium,Anaerovibrio lipolytica,Fibrobacter succinogenes,Ruminococcus fl aveciens and Ruminococcus albus in the treatment group were signifi cantly higher than those of the control group(p<0.05).These results demonstrated that greater weight gain could be induced during winter in Inner Mongolia by improved nutritional status through promotion of microbial populations using urea and sugar.

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  • Seroprevalence of Hepatitis E Virus in Human and Pigs in Pig Farms from Guangdong Province,Southern China

    Zeng Meng;Chen Wan-li;Ji Chi-hai;Wen Sheng-wen;Jia Kun;Wang Heng;

    Hepatitis E is caused by hepatitis E virus(HEV),which has been classifi ed into four genotypes.Genotypes 3 and 4 are regarded as zoonotic pathogens.Accumulating researches indicate that genotype 4 is the main HEV strain circulating in China,and there are high levels of seropositive pigs and human in some provinces of China.In this study,serum samples from pigs and from human occupationally exposed to pigs were obtained from pig farms in Guangdong Province,in subtropical southern China,in order to investigate for the fi rst time the prevalence of anti-HEV immunoglobulin G(Ig G)in the region.Antibodies against HEV were detected by Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay(ELISA)using a commercially marketed kit.The results showed that high numbers of pigs(74/94;78.7%)and human(50/94;53.2%)from three pig farms in Guangdong Province were positive for anti-HEV Ig G.The correlation coeffi cient relating the prevalence in pigs and human on different farms was 0.920.The seropositive rate in males(human)was 48.8%(20/41)and that in females was 47.7%(9/19),which showed no statistically signifi cant difference.These data indicated that there was a high prevalence of anti-HEV antibodies in pigs and in human with occupational exposure to pigs.The risk of infection with HEV in both human and pigs in Guangdong Province appeared to be age-dependent,to a certain extent.This study provided basic data for further researches on HEV and was a reminder that more attention should be paid to HEV infection both in pigs and workers on pig farms in the study region.

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  • In Vitro Assessment of Probiotic Potential of Lactobacilus acidophilus and Antagonistic Activity Against Escherichia coli O157:H7

    Du Jin-cheng;Liu Fei;Li Bai-liang;Bian Xin;Smith Etareri Evivie;Xu Min;Ding Xiu-yun;Huo Gui-cheng;

    The antagonistic activity of Lactobacillus acidophilus KLDS1.0901,KLDS1.0902,KLDS1.1003 and NCFM against Escherichia coli O157:H7 were investigated in this study.The culture supernatants of all the L.acidophilus stains showed high bacteriostatic activities against E.coli O157:H7 and the bacteriostatic substances of their Cell-Free Supernatants(CFS)were preliminarily determined from organic acids.The bacteriostatic activity from CFS or viable L.acidophilus against E.coli O157:H7was also assessed by using co-incubation methods,CFS had high bactericidal activity against E.coli O157:H7,no viable E.coli O157:H7 was detected when 5×107 cfu of E.coli O157:H7 was added to 5 m L of CFS and incubated at 37℃for 2 h.However,L.acidophilus themselves had no bacteriostatic activity after directly contacted with E.coli O157:H7.The inhibition E.coli O157:H7adhesion and colonization of L.acidophilus were also investigated based on competition,exclusion and displacement assays.L.acidophilus KLDS1.0901,KLDS1.1003 and NCFM strains were effective to displace E.coli O157:H7 from a Caco-2 cell layer in competition and exclusion assays.However,in displacement assay,all of the strains showed no signifi cant antagonistic activities.Meanwhile,the probiotic potential of L.acidophilus strains was investigated based on adhesion assay to Caco-2 cells and antiinfl ammatory effects by IL-8 produced in Caco-2 cells.The adhesion ability and anti-infl ammatory effects of L.acidophilus strains showed a strain-dependent manner.In general,L.acidophilus KLDS1.0901 and NCFM showed better probiotic potential than KLDS1.0902 and KLDS1.1003.Thus,the use of L.acidophilus KLDS1.0901 and NCFM to prevent or treat of diseases associated induced E.coli O157:H7 in vivo was suggested.

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  • Conceptual Analysis of Contractual Relationship in Dairy Supply Chain

    Yan Ji;Wang Gang-yi;Li Cui-xia;

    Dairy industry is the pillar of Heilongjiang Province.The contractual relationship of the dairy supply chain played a vital role in the dairy industry for development.The contractual relationship between the main dairy farming body and the dairy processing enterprise,as well as the impact of this contractual relationship on their cooperation in dairy supply chain were studied.Taking 366dairy farming bodies in Heilongjiang Province as the main research objects,Likert scale was used to measure the factors affecting the contractual relationship and applied these factors to the correlation construction of dairy farming body and processing enterprise.Then,confirmatory factor analysis was used to collect data and made the conclusion that once dairy farming body perceived the opportunistic behavior and lacking of cooperation,the trust of dairy processing enterprise would be lost.Additionally,the satisfaction of dairy farming body on partnership also had a positive effect on the level of trust and commitment,the relative dependence and the perception of the partnerships,which made it possible to analyze how to strengthen the contractual relationship and provide theoretical basis for dairy industry development in Heilongjiang Province.

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  • Compliance of Milk Quality and Safety Measures Among Milk Producers and Milk Collection Centers in South Region of Punjab Province,Pakistan

    Mazhir Nadeem Ishaq;Li Cui-xia;Rukhsana Rasheed;Majid Lateef;Muhammad Abdullah;

    The present study was conducted in four districts of Punjab Province to examine the attitude of milk producers and milk collection agents toward compliance of milk quality and safety parameters.In current scenario,the attitude of consumers for safe food in accordance to quality standards is ever increasing.The dairy industry in Pakistan is confronting many challenges to adapt these food safety and quality measures.This study was purposely conducted in the south region of Punjab Province,as this region has rich population of livestock and milk production.To collect essential data,fi eld study was carried out in selected four districts of Punjab Province.Field survey for dairy farmers and milk collection centers was performed in two phases.The analysis of primary data was carried out by calculating the Likert scale mean value,analysis of variance(one-way)and other descriptive statistics tools.The results showed that 76.4%milk producers had no awareness about Punjab food quality laws;as Likert-scale mean value was 1.93.The compliance level for the management practices such as Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point(HCCAP),Good Animal Practices(GAP)and Good Veterinary Practices(GVP)etc.was also very poor.Approximately,32.57%milk collectors(very frequently)applied milk quality testing parameters whereas 50.72%milk collectors merely used sensory quality inspection methods at the time of milk purchase from dairy farmers.For a sustainable supply of good quality raw milk to the dairy industry in Pakistan,it was recommended that the departments for hygiene and food inspection should be vigilant.The prescribed food safety laws relating to milk production and marketing activities should be enforced properly to improve the situation.

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  • Biological Function Research Progress of FABP5

    Li Meng;Gao Xue-jun;

    The intracellular Fatty Acid Binding Proteins(FABPs)are a well-conserved family which functions as lipid chaperones.Recent fi ndings also reveal that they are crucial mediators of lipid metabolism,cell growth and differentiation,cellular signaling and gene transcription.Ongoing studies are identifying the mechanistic complexity and vast biological diversity of different isoforms of FABPs.This paper introduced the biological function of FABP5 in inflammatory,metabolic diseases and milk fat synthesis.

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  • Journal of Northeast Agricultural University (English Edition) Instruction to Authors

    <正>Aims and Scope Journal of Northeast Agricultural University(English Edition)is a comprehensive academic journal on agricultural sciences sponsored by Northeast Agricultural University and distributed worldwide.It is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly and mainly publishes review

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