• Perform Stability of Isoflavones of Soybean Cultivar Evaluated by Genotype-genotype×environment(GGE) Biplot

    Han Ying-peng;Lian Ming;Wang Jin-yang;Wu De-peng;Jing Yan;Zhao Xue;

    As one of the secondary metabolites, the isoflavones formed during the development of soybean [Glycine max(L.) Merr.] seeds.The total and individual isoflavone contents, a typical quantitative trait, were affected by significant genotypes of environments(GE) interaction and controlled by many genes with main or minor effects.In the present study, 99 soybean cultivars, collected from northeastern China, were used to analyze the isoflavone performances.Genotype-genotype×environment(GGE) biplot software demonstrated an ability to provide information on genetic main effects than solely on phenotypic perform.Highperformance liquid chromatography(HPLC) system was used to extract and determine the isoflavone contents.The results indicated that most genotypes significantly varied among six tested environments.P40(Xiaolimoshidou) was the best-performed genotype with mean performance and stability for glycitein content across six different environments.P88(L-59 Peking) was the super genotype with mean performance and stability on each tested environment for daidzein, genistein and the total isoflavone.E5(Gongzhuling in 2016) was the best environment for optimal environmental factor mining.P70(Charleston), P67(Baichengmoshidou) and P50(Jiunong 20) were the optimal genotypes with the highest field among 99 cultivars on each tested environment for genistein.P70(Charleston), P67(Baichengmoshidou) and P14(Hefeng 25) were the optimal genotypes with the highest field among 99 cultivars on each tested environment for daidzein.P40(Xiaolimoshidou), P45(Jinshanchamodou), P33(Dongnong 48) and P56(L-5) were the optimal genotypes with the highest field among 99 cultivars on each tested environment for glycitein.P70(Charleston) and P67(Baichengmoshidou) were the optimal genotypes with the highest field among 99 cultivars on each tested environment for the total isoflavone.GGE biplot was a rational method for stability and adaptation evaluation of soybean isoflavones, and could assist soybean breeder to select a good culture and a suitable tested site.It provided a scientific basis for the establishment of a breeding site and a selection site of soybean isoflavones.This study was valuable to identify genotypes with stable performances of isoflavones of these 99 cultivars for developing new cultivars.

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  • Isolation and Characterization of Storage Protein Subunit-null-dwarf Mutants in Soybean(Glycine max(L.) Merr.)

    Luo Ting-ting;Song Ying-ji;Pang Ze;Liu Han-miao;Waqar Ahmed Khuhro;Li Ming-xue;Qiu Zhen-dong;Wei Xiao-shuang;Song Bo;Liu Shan-shan;

    Dwarfing is useful to reduce plant height, when breeding high-yielding and non-lodging crops.In this study, a set of natural storage protein subunit-null dwarf mutants of soybean was reported that showed strongly reduced plant stature and deficiency in various 7 S and 11 S subunits, designated as snd1 mutants.Under normal growth conditions, the snd1 mutants showed a severe dwarf phenotype, with plant height of about 25 cm.Compared with wild-type DN47, the mutant snd1 exhibited no obvious morphological differences at the early stage of development.All the snd1 mutants examined had fewer nodes and shorter than normal internodes; the leaves were similar in shape to normal parents, but were dark-green at the mature stage.The flower size was similar to DN47; however, the flowering period was shorter than in the wild-type.Significant variation was noted for protein content, oil content of the seeds and size of seeds(weight of 100 seeds) among 17 snd1 dwarf lines.Genetic analysis indicated that the dwarfism of snd1 was controlled by a single recessive gene.The snd1 dwarf mutant had markedly different dynamic levels of the endogenous hormones gibberellin(GA), brassinosteroid, indole-3-acetic acid and abscisic acid, at the seedling stage.Exogenous GA3 treatment led to recovery of the plant height phenotype of the snd1 mutant; GA3 at 0.1 mm had the largest effect on enhancing plant height.Using molecular markers, snd1 gene was approximately mapped in an interval of 603 kb between markers Satt166 and Satt561 on chromosome 19.Snd1 mutant provided valuable material for hypoallergenic soybean breeding and the snd1 gene might be a novel gene related to plant height in soybean.

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  • Physiological Characteristics of Boscalid Against Botrytis cinerea from Strawberry

    Li Pei-qian;Feng Bao-zhen;Sun Nu-nu;

    A total of 96 monoconidial Botrytis cinerea strains were isolated from strawberry field.Physiological characteristics and resistance analysis to boscalid were investigated.Most isolates showed resistant phenotype and the resistance frequency of highly resistant isolates was as high as 45.10%.The effective concentration that inhibited conidia germination by 50% relative to the control values for sensitive isolates ranged from 0.068 to 60.56 μg· mL~(-1) in conidia germination assays.Compared to the sensitive strains, the boscalid-resistant strains had a significant increase in phenylalanine ammonia lyase(PAL) and peroxidase(POD) activity and more sensitivity to boscalid pressure.Fitness analysis showed statistically significant difference between sensitive and resistance isolates.Sequencing of Sdh B gene indicated that a single mutation corresponded to His272.The results suggested that resistance to boscalid in B.cinerea populations could result in failure to control gray mold.These results would enrich the understanding of the resistance mechanism of B.cinerea to boscalid.

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  • Influence of Altitude on Nutritional Compositions of Wild Native Elymus on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China

    Yin Hang;Yuan Yu-ying;Sun Xue;Xiang Ji-hong;Lian Lu;Li Bing;Cui Guo-wen;

    Wild native Elymus(Elymus dahuricus) is one of the most important and valuable forage grass on Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau(QTP) pasture of China.It mainly distributes above sea-level of 1 700 to 3 000 m on the QTP.The objective of this study was to investigate how the nutritive composition of Elymus responsed to the changes of altitude in local environments.Two test sites located at Minghe and Huangzhong counties, in which four sampling plots were arranged with sea levels of 1 714, 1 872, 2 097 and 2 185 m in Minhe County, while other four in Huangzhong County were with sea-level of 2 560, 2 613, 2 668 and 2 775 m.The whole plants of Elymus during anthesis stage were collected from all the plots for determining the indexes of crude protein(CP), crude fat(CF), neutral detergent fiber(NDF), acid detergent fiber(ADF), crude ash(ASH), calcium(Ca) and phosphorus(P).The results showed that the content of CP, crude ash and Ca changed irregularly corresponding to the altitude in the two counties, but significant higher with CP(1.09%), Ash(0.33%) and Ca(0.34%) in the low altitude areas(1 714-2 185 m) than those in the high altitude areas.NDF and ADF in the low altitude areas were significantly lower by 5.35% and 2.61% compared with those in the high altitude areas.There was no significant difference of CF as well as P in plant from different altitudes.Comprehensive evaluation revealed that superior nutritional composition of Elymus dahuricus presented at the sampling plots of altitude of 1 714 m in Minhe County.

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  • Effects of Lard Enriched with n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Serum Lipid Composition in Rats

    Shi Bao-ming;Bai Guang-dong;Bai Yong-song;Lang Jing;Xu xuan;Sun Yu-chen;Shan An-shan;

    This study evaluated the lard enriched with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids(PUFAs) on serum lipid composition in rats.The experiment contained two parts:(A) 20 crossed pigs(Landrace×Min, 60±2 kg) were assigned randomly into two dietary groups: a control group and a group fed the diet added 10% linseed based on the control diet.This part lasted 56 days and the results showed that the levels of the total n-3 PUFA in lard were improved approximately 2-fold(p<0.05), when pigs were fed 10% flaxseed compared to a control diet of corn.The lard taken from pigs was melted and preserved for rat experiment;(B) 45 Sprague-Dawley rats at day 36 were randomly fed one of three diets for 42 days: the diet without added fat, the diet contained 10% common lard from pigs fed a conventional corn ration and the diet contained 10% lard enriched with n-3 PUFA from pigs fed 10% flaxseed.Rats fed lard significantly increased(p<0.05) serum cholesterol levels compared with rats maintained on a diet without lard.However, rats fed the lard enriched with n-3 PUFA significantly decreased the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in serum(p<0.05) and better hepatic antioxidant defense capacities, when compared with rats fed common lard(p<0.05).The results showed that pigs fed diet with n-3 PUFA produced lard enriched with n-3 PUFA and thus provided positive health benefits to the consumers.

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  • Effects of Different Compound Trace Element Premixed Materials on Beef Cattle Production Performance and Anti-oxidation Capacity

    Omar Niyaz;Omarjan Yakup;Habibulla Ismayil;He Zong-lin;Saipidin Abla;Yao Gang;

    In this study, the effects of two types of premixed materials with different combinations of trace elements on the production performance and antioxidant capacity of simmental beef cattle were examined.Fifteen healthy simmental beef cattle of similar weight(approximately 330 kg), the same age(12 months), without castration, and a good physique were divided into three groups, with five beef cattle in each group.Food of GroupⅠ beef cattle was supplemented with a commercially marketed 5% compound trace element premixture for fine beef cattle.Food of GroupⅡbeef cattle was supplemented with a 5% compound microelement premixture for beef cattle that was designed to address local nutrient deficiencies and surpluses.In the blank control group, the beef cattle were not fed a premixture.The pretest period was 15 days, and the test period was divided into prefattening(45 days) and postfattening(45 days) stages.Body weight and body size indices were recorded at 1, 2 and 3 months, and blood samples were collected regularly.In GroupⅠ, the daily weight gain increased significantly by 15.7% compared with that of the control group.The largest daily weight gain was in Group Ⅱ, which increased by 31.6% compared with that in the control.During the test period of 90 days, the body size indices of the three different groups increased in different months, with significant increases in the indices for both test groups compared with those of the control.In GroupⅠ, the activity of CP, the total activity of SOD and Cu-Zn-SOD increased significantly(p<0.05) compared with those in the control group, with a highly significant increase observed in GSH-PX activity(p<0.01).In GroupⅡ, the increases in the activity of CP and the total activity of SOD and Cu-Zn-SOD were highly significant compared with those in the control group(p<0.01).In addition, a significant increase was observed in GSH-PX activity(p<0.05).Based on pretest results, the concentrations of Cu, Zn, Mo, Mn, Se and Co in the blood of experimental beef cattle were lower than those of the normal range.After feeding for 90 days, the concentrations of Cu, Zn, Mo, Mn, Se and Co in the blood of GroupsⅠ andⅡ were significantly higher than those in the control group(p<0.05).The concentrations of elements in the blood of Group II were close to the appropriate levels.Thus, the effects of the specifically designed compound microelement premixture on the prevention of nutrient imbalances and control of beef cattle nutrition metabolism and the production of fattened beef cattle were significant.

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  • Comparison of Different Modes of Molding in Canine Sepsis

    Wang Chu-qiao;Liu Zhong-wang;Yang Kai-yi;Ma Biao;Guan Wei;Zhao Yue;Fan Hong-gang;

    Sepsis can cause a series of damages to various organs of the body, so it has always been regarded as a hot research topic in veterinary clinic.Aiming at the present situation of high morbidity and mortality of canine sepsis, in order to further explore the pathogenesis of this disease, it need to establish a stable and repeatable canine sepsis model that is in line with the clinical characteristics of the disease.The study selected 12 local dogs and randomly divided into three groups: rapid bolus injection group(Group A), continuous infusion group within 30 min(Group B) and continuous infusion group(Group C).Then, the lipopolysaccharides(LPS) with 2 mg · kg~(-1) were injected through the brachial vein in different modes of administration, thus the model was fully established.During the modeling period, body temperature(T), respiratory rate(RR), heart rate(HR) and mean arterial pressure(MAP) were monitored at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 min and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 24 h.Blood was collected from the canine brachial vein at 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and 24 h, respectively, for the detection of white blood cells(WBC).The test showed that the values of T, RR, HR, MAP, WBC of the dogs in group A all changed but did not exceed the normal range, and the clinical symptoms were not significant.There were no significant changes in the values of RR, HR, T, MAP and WBC of the dogs in Group B, and the clinical symptoms were not significant.The value of T of the dogs in Group C were significantly increased at 40 min(p<0.05), which reached the fever standard and lasted for 7 h; the value of RR increased significantly at 20 min(p<0.05), and a downward trend could be observed at 12 h, then it returned to normal at 24 h; the value of HR increased significantly at 50 min(p<0.05) and recovered at 8 h; the value of HR decreased significantly at 20 min(p<0.05), which remained at 12 h(p<0.05), and returned back to normal at 24 h; the value of WBC decreased significantly from 1 h to4 h(p<0.05), which was lower than the normal value, and increased significantly at 24 h(p<0.01); all of the four dogs in this group had clinical symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and depression.Based on the above results, the changes of indexes and clinical symptoms in Groups A and B did not meet the standards of sepsis.After a long-term continuous intravenous infusion of LPS, the experimental dogs in Group C showed varying degrees of clinical symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea and depression one after another.The indexes and clinical symptoms reached the sepsis standard about 3 h after infusion.In brief, this model not only had good stability and good regularity of repeatability, but also lasted for a long time and could be suitable for other subsequent studies.

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  • Isolation and Identification of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus(PEDV) HLJ Strain with IPEC-J2 Cells and Phylogenetic Analysis of Its S Gene

    Feng Rui;Liu Hai-xin;Zhong Ming;Li Xun-liang;Huang Xiao-dan;Ren Yu-dong;Li Guang-xing;

    Porcine epidemic diarrhea(PED) is caused by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus(PEDV), and is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration of suckling pigs from 80% to 100% morbidity and 50% to 90% mortality, and resulted in tremendous economic losses to swine industry.The PEDV mainly infects small intestine of pigs, resulting in vacuolar degeneration and necrosis of mucosal epithelium.The IPEC-J2 is a pig intestine epithelial cell line, which is similar to the intestinal environment of piglets, can be used to isolate and identify the PEDV field isolates.In this study, it appeared the PEDV typical postmortem changes and histopathological lesion of degeneration and destruction of small intestine in infected piglets, and IHC identified that the PEDV distributed in the mucosa and submucosa of small intestine mostly.Furthermore, the PEDV HLJ strain was successfully isolated and characterized in the IPEC-J2 cells, and indicated that the IPEC-J2 cell line was sensitive to isolate and adapt the PEDV field strain, and could be utilized to multiply the PEDV rapidly.The S gene analysis indicated that the PEDV HLJ strain was the prevailed virus, belonged to Group 1 with attenuated virulent DR13, SC1402 and J-S2/2015 strains isolated in South Korea and China from 2014 to 2015.This study had important theoretical and practical significances on analyzing genetic variation of the PEDV, understanding the pathogenic characteristics of the virus and developing new vaccines for the PED.

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  • CAS-based Water Resources Optimal Allocation and Dynamic Simulation for Sewage Irrigation Area

    Guo Si-qi;Wang Shu-wen;Xiu Cheng;Wang Si-wen;Yuan Hang;Li Xiao-wei;Sha Yong-jing;Liu Zi-ming;Qiu Yue-tong;

    Based on the theory of complex adaptive system(CAS), the optimal allocation model of water resources in sewage irrigation areas was established, which provided new ideas and application value for the rational utilization of agricultural production and waste water resources.The results demonstrated that the difference of crop energy capture mainly depended on the development stage.Waste water with a certain concentration was able to promote crop growth, while excessive concentration inhibited crop growth.The correlation between water absorption rate and leaf area index was close(R=0.9498, p<0.01).The amount of bad seeds increased at a speed of 34.7 · d~(-1), when system irrigated randomly in the seedling stage, while it tended to remain stable at a speed of 0.3 · d~(-1) after plants entering the mature stage which impacted the total yields of crops.

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  • Remote Monitoring and Early Warning Model of Frozen Soil in Dam Areas

    Zhang Xue-jiao;Sun Hong-min;Dong Yuan;Hu Zhen-nan;

    In view of the cumbersome and often untimely process of manual collection and observation of frozen soil data parameters, and the damage caused to dams by frost heaving of frozen soil, a remote monitoring and an early warning model for frozen soil in dam areas was presented.The Pt100 temperature sensors and JM seam gauges were used as measurement tools in the system.The sensor layout was designed, based on the actual situation in the monitoring area.A 4 G network was used for wireless transmission to monitor frozen soil data in real time.BP neural network was used to predict the parameters of frozen soil.After analysis, four factors including the average temperature of frozen soil, the type of frozen soil, the artificial upper limit of frozen soil and the building construction time were selected to establish an early warning model using fuzzy reasoning.The experimental results showed that the early warning model could reflect the influence on dam buildings of frost heaving and sinking of frozen soil, and provided technical support for predicting the hazard level.

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  • Journal of Northeast Agricultural University Total Contents of Volume 26(2019)(English Edition)


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  • Journal of Northeast Agricultural University(English Edition)Instruction to Authors

    <正>Aims and Scope Journ,al of Northeast Agricultural Univer sity (English Edition) is a comprehensive academic journal on agricultural sciences sponsored by Northeast Agricultural University and distributed worldwide.It is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly and mainly publishes review and research articles that reflect the latest achievements on crop science,horticulture,plant protection,resource and environment,animal science,veterinary medicine,agricultural engineering and technology,agricultural water conservancy,life science,biotechnology and food science.

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